About us


NIKOB, agency for security of persons and property, was established in 1998 in Skopje and it is the first legally registered security company in Macedonia. Loyalty, stability and professionalism have been characteristic of the company since the beginning of its operation. This was the only prerequisite for NIKOB to be number one agency for security of persons and property in Macedonia for 20 years. Our work policy is based on the service quality that we offer, use of advanced technology and availability for all. We are always dedicated to work and constant improvement of quality in all segments of the services offered, whereby we strive and work on retaining the leadership position forever

At the start of 2010, NIKOB underwent restructuring and rebranding of the company for greater efficiency in operation and improvement of the entire quality of services. Major investments have been made that will continue also in the following period, again in order to raise the service quality level as well as introduction of numerous new ones. Thus, our clients' satisfaction and safety would be at the highest level.

The following major investments have been made in Nikob in the past period:


  • The entire fleet was renewed with the patrol vehicles, armored cars for money transport and high value shipments and service vehicles. The vehicles are completely equipped with the radiocommunications systems and a modern GPS system, for the purposes of more efficient coordination with the Duty Operations Center (DOC).


  • A digital radiocommunications network has been implemented from the reputed producer "KENWOOD" on the territory of the greater cities in the country.



  • In parallel with the development of the radiocommunications network, NIKOB security has made a serious investment in the development of a modern radio-alarm network as well as new and advanced alarm signal monitoring and processing software. Alarm reports arrive at DOC from entire Macedonia quickly and safely via the alarm network.


  • On 6 November 2010, a new NIKOB office was opened in the center of Strumica. With the opening of the office and connection via repeater with the monitoring center in Skopje, the services of NIKOB have become much more available also in the East Macedonia region.


Today NIKOB is proud to have significant increase of workload and as well as of the fact that over 6000 clients use its services.

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